Digital Fluency

Developing digital skills and fluency requires active participation with technology. The more I use technology the better my digital skills become. I used ‘scratch’ to create a simple game and acquired some new skills as this tool allows the user to insert a list of commands whilst creating their projects.  ‘Scratch’ can also be used to create stories and animations.  I found this to be an excellent introduction to computer programming as I could manipulate the program into doing my desired commands.  Programs such as ‘Scratch’ are engaging tasks used in classrooms.  Creative output and the skill required to complete assignments using this program fosters the development of  digital fluency (Howell, 2012, p. 153) .


The game I created is called ‘Save the Monkey’.  I managed to complete it after several hours as a lot of high order thinking was involved.  I kept thinking of Bloom’s Taxonomy as I evaluated, synthesised and created my project. My biggest challenge was to find a way for the monkey to disappear from screen if not saved by the bat in time.  I had the monkey bouncing off all four walls so I had to manually create a set of commands through the data icon to get the game to do what was required.  I resolved this problem by instructing the program to bounce the monkey off left, top and right wall.  This enabled the monkey to disappear off the bottom wall unless saved by the bat.  I love a little sense of humour, so my favourite part was recording my own audio (monkey screech), making it realistic. Click on monkey and have a go.



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Howell, J. (2012) Teaching with ICT: Digital pedagogies for collaboration and creativity, Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, Australia .


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