Digital Information

Social networking has attracted many users across the globe thus making social media very popular. Pinterest is amongst one of my favourites for various reasons. It allows me to collect, organise and share the things I love and have an interest in.  Click on the picture below to go to my Pinterest site.


I found that Pinterest can be used effectively to benefit my own education especially since I’ve been studying to become a teacher. Educators and students can use the bulletin boards for inspirations as there are some amazing ideas and educational pins available on this site.  I also learnt that there are many advantages for using this network.  Some of these include locating images, lesson plans or ideas on how to integrate technology effectively in classrooms.  My favourite discovery is the ‘LEGO Movie Maker’ App. This App could be used to re-tell a story using Lego figurines to develop literacy and digital skills in students.  I can’t wait to try this out in a classroom.  Click on the picture for more information.


The Internet presents us with vast amount of digital information. I realised that the most important thing to be aware of when browsing and using the web or social networks is to ensure that the information is from credible and from reputable sources in order for it to be reliable (Howell, 2014).  Users and students should evaluate and be critical of digital information.  I usually check the URL’s to ensure that the sources of information I utilise are credible for learning.  On social media such as pinterest, checking how many likes, reviews, followers, profiles and credentials will ensure that I access accurate information.


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