Gaming experiences have many benefits in education and concrete learning can take place through its use. When a person is exposed to a particular learning technology, they are conditioned to incorporate it into their learned experience (Lazare, 2009, p. 9-10).  I find this to be particularly true.  Take Facebook for example.  I learnt seven years ago how to save my photos on computer and upload them onto Facebook.  Later on I learnt how to use ‘Paint’ in order to make my photos look more appealing before posting them. I now use these acquired skills and apply them to my tertiary studies such as assignments using ‘Movie Maker’ or ‘PowerPoint’.


My previous gaming experiences have also enabled me to apply and  learn new skills when I created a new game on ‘Sploder’.  As I created my game I kept thinking of my childhood playing ‘Mario Brothers’ on Nintendo.  My game on ‘Sploder’  is inspired from that era.  I incorporated the skills I learned from my time playing ‘Mario Brothers’ into my new game as I created villains, ammunition and rewards.  Click on ‘Let’s Go’ and play my game!


Some children spend many hours playing interactive games so it would behoove educators to utilise this fascination into the educational arena.  There is a huge educational movement on what’s called ‘gamification’ and the benefits to student learning.  Creating this game has made me realise that by implementing games in education children have the chance to develop many skills such as problem-solving, determination, collaboration and sticking to problems after failure (McGonigal, 2010).  Games are also excellent for self-efficacy, confidence building, risk taking and motivation.  Click on the word gamification to be taken to a website dedicated to this new educational phenomenon.  View video below for further information on ‘gaming’ and learning.



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