Life Long Learning


I take a lot of pride in calling myself a ‘life-long learner’.  The very fact that I am studying to be a teacher at the age of 40 is testament to my claim as a self professed ‘life-long learner’.  ‘Life-long learning’ can be achieved anywhere, at any age in formal or informal settings.  It may be unplanned, but may still lead to the acquisition of valuable skills, knowledge and attitudes.  Very recently I read a book titled ‘Slave’ by Mende Nazer and Damien Lewis, a true story of a young girl’s fight for survival enslaved in her country.  I shed many tears upon completion of this book.  I was compelled to find out more, I wanted to learn about the country’s history and civil war.  I used the internet and my digital skills to access new information.  As I am a ‘Global Citizen’ and have access to digital networks and connections, I found the information I was after in an instance.  Technology has empowered me by educating me on the racial and political issues in other countries.


Curriculum and Syllabus documents promote ‘Life-long learning’ as it can instil creativity, manage uncertainty, communicate across all cultures, families, communities and negotiate conflicts (Lifelong Learning Council Queensland, 2013).  Schools can use technology to address global and environmental issues and promote ‘life-long learning’.  I have devised a lesson plan addressing the need for conservation by combining technology and the video file  ‘The Lorax’ by Dr Seuss.  It is an example of how schools can utilise technology to promote ‘Life-long Learning’.  I’ve linked it as a word document so you can download your own copy.

  Click here ‘The Lorax’


Please enjoy my ‘Prezi’ presentation



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