Peer Feedback


Peer Feedback 1

Peer Feedback 2

At first the very fact that I would be marking another persons’ blog was very daunting. I felt that I did not have the adequate skill or expertise for giving back constructive feedback. I was afraid that my opinion would be incorrect or disadvantage them. However once I had the opportunity to look at my peers’ blogs I found that the challenge was not so overwhelming. I enjoyed viewing their work and felt that they were both professional and well written. I critiqued their blogs and provided relevant feedback.

I was very pleased with the feedback that I received from my peers in regards to my blog. I agreed with their suggestions and made some changes. Upon reflection to their comments, I decided to improve my blog by selecting a different theme. This enabled my blog to become more visually appealing and professional. I also added menus to the side of my home page making navigating efficient and my blog user friendly. My improvements also included in-text referencing, changes to grammar, sentence structure and spelling. By reflecting on my own work I also realised that I required more tags on my posts thus I made the appropriate adjustments.  My peers’ remarks were beneficial as it gave me the opportunity to effectively amend my work prior to submission.


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